Automatic Calendar Wallpaper

DejaDesktop places today's calendar on your PC wallpaper.

The blank month calendar is free!

For $29.95 you can get your Outlook, Google, Act! or DejaCloud data automatically updated every day.

View your Mac, Google or Outlook Schedule

    Display your Schedule on your Windows Desktop Wallpaper

  • Current Month view
  • Up to 6 months look ahead
  • Up to 6 months look behind
  • Current Day highlighted
  • Holidays highlighted
  • >>Download it now!<<

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You can have more than the Month View

  • Add a second window for your day's schedule
  • ...and the phone number of that person
  • ...and my shopping list
  • ...quote of the day

Buy DejaDesktop for under $50

  • Just $29.95 for One Computer
  • $49.95 for Three Computers (Portable License)
  • Windows and Mac
  • >>Buy it Today!<<
  • Outlook 2016 for Windows
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Google Calendar, Gmail Contacts
  • Act! (v25-and all the way back to Act! 6)
  • IBM Notes (Lotus Notes)
  • DejaCloud